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Is Barrington Geothermal the Right Option for You?

Geothermal heat pumps are increasingly becoming the heating and cooling systems of choice for anyone who wants the ultimate in energy efficiency and home comfort. The first question homeowners should ask is whether it will work on their property or not. The success of a geothermal installation relies on the interaction and relationship between several components. If you live in Barrington area (60010, 60011, 62765), Geothermal Heating & Cooling can be a great option for your residential & commercial use.

One of the most important factors is the site where it's installed. While Barrington Geothermal heat pumps can use a variety of configurations, including vertical loops underground and open or closed loops underwater, most installations exclusively employ the underground horizontal loops.

This type of installation is where horizontal loops of plastic tubing are buried below the ground, and they circulate the heat-exchanging fluid in long trenches up to six feet underground on a property, in all types of soil.

Among the factors, a homeowner should consider.

Soil conductivity: How much energy and heat can be "rejected" into the ground per foot of drilling? "Reject" in this context means the heat energy that the water/anti-freeze mixture in the loops of piping can deposit into the ground after it has been removed from the home through the refrigeration process. The heating process works in the opposite manner, extracting heat from the ground and bringing it inside.

Most contractors plan for 10 feet or more centers on the geothermal wells to provide plenty of space for the process of energy rejection. This means the coils are spaced far enough apart that the heat from one does not encroach into the heat from other coils. What can happen is the coils are not able to reject (or gather) enough heat, and the system cannot function properly.

Preserving trees and landscaping.

A conscientious contractor will try to protect your landscaping during a geothermal installation. They are accustomed to working areas with large trees, and precautions are made with local help from local arborists to protect the root systems of all trees.

Regular Barrington Geothermal repairing & services are not limited only to heating troubles but also when your heaters are working fine. A tune-up and a checkup can keep your heater updated and can prevent any uncalled problems you might face during winters or summers. Wondering how much you can save with Geothermal? Use our calculator that can help you determine just how much you can save. All you need to do is answer some few easy questions about your residential or commercial property and your existing cooling and heating system and your hot water needs. The Geothermal calculator will do the rest.

A registered heating contractor must have a certified seal. Ensure to inquire about the government methods and legal rules before you hire the services of a heating company. J & R Herra Geothermal can guide you with great plans to save energy, reduce the cost of heating & cooling your residential & commercial property and can help you lower your energy consumption.