Geothermal Services in
Lake Forest


Professional Geothermal HVAC installation in Lake Forest, Illinois

Geothermal heating and cooling is a great choice for both residential and commercial HVAC systems. Using geothermal heat pumps saves you a lot in energy costs and works efficiently to regulate temperatures in the home or office. Soil conditions in Lake Forest are ideal for consistent temperatures 6 feet underground. Allowing a geothermal heat pump to cool your house in the summer, and use the same ground to heat your house in the winter.

Expert Installation Services

We have a team of dedicated and adept technicians who can install or repair a geothermal heating system in your home or office. Adopting a geothermal system cuts your gas and electricity bills by up to 70%, and life expectancy of a system can last well over 30 years.

Lake Forest and Chicagoland area Service

Our company has been offering expert services in Lake Forest, Illinois for years now. Through this period, we have grown our client base to over 150 units installed by devotion to our work and result-oriented work ethic.

Clients can rely on us for all types of problems with their geothermal HVAC systems

In Lake Forest, geothermal heating is a worthy investment which will take you very little work to keep running. However, the system still needs to be checked from time to time to ensure everything is working fine. Our clients can always count us to provide services like;

· First-rate installation and maintenance
· Professional help on different aspects about geothermal systems
· Recommendations on how to get the most out of your system

Trust the industry leaders

Aside from having the best technicians in the industry, we also ensure high quality when it comes to our HVAC products. We pride ourselves of being a top contractor in Lake Forest geothermal installation thus we always strive to keep the standards high. Our heat pumps give comfort in all seasons, and also come with low operational noise. The underground loops are made to be durable and offer over 50 years of services. The indoor components are also built to last as they offer excellent service over 25 years.

Call J&R Herra Geothermal and get your system installed

You can enjoy lower utility bills and superb heating and cooling in your home today. Just get in touch with us right away; we are always happy to help by answering any questions.