Installation Process



First, we sit down and consult with you to figure out your goals and the options that best fit your needs. We custom fit every geothermal system to your unique home, designing for factors like the size and age of your home as well as the surrounding soil type and available land.

Types of geothermal:

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2.Field Installation

Drill Dig Loop

Next, we like to get a little dirty. Whether it’s a Horizontal, Pond, Vertical, or Groundwater loop, we start by digging.

3.Home Installation

Geothermal Unit

We install your unit within one to two days of work. If we are replacing an existing furnace, we remove the old system and install your new geothermal unit to your existing ductwork.

4.Calibrate &

Homeowner Walk Through

Lastly, we run multiple tests, calibrate your new unit, and walk you through your system. Be ready for some peace and quiet, because your new unit is extremely quiet.



After your new unit is up and running we are still available for any questions you might have. If you elect to utilize our maintenance program, we'll be seeing you soon.

It's been three great years since we installed our geothermal unit. Both J & R and our unit has exceeded our expectations.

There are a lot of variables to think of when choosing greener solutions. Brian and his team explained everything needed and I couldn't be happier about my choice.

When I had the chance to save money and do my part in improving our climate it was a no brainier for me. Love to show of my unit and my bills to friends and family.